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Each Roof Water Storage panel has twenty-four square cups that can be filled with dirt and planted.  The large storage capacity of the panels allows rainwater to be released evenly and gradually through twenty-five drainage holes per square foot.  The water retention capacity is over one half gallon per square foot.  The high diffusion capacity of the underside of the panels allows water drainage to be maintained permanently over the entire area slowing water runoff from heavy rains.


The Roof Water Storage Panel is particularly suitable for flat roofs of all sizes such as underground parking garages or roof top parking.  It is effective on roofs for residential and office buildings, homes and garages.  It can be used for any roof with a pitch of up to 25 degrees.  These Roof Water Storage Panels can be installed on both new and existing structures.  Because of its superior technical features, the Roof Water Storage Panel provides an excellent alternative to the destruction of green areas.